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Ensuring that the interests of our clients are taken care of is our primary function. That means not only concentrating on 'day to day' requirements but taking a longer term view wherever possible, planning ahead for maintenance requirements and their resultant financial consequences, and endeavouring to avoid peaks and troughs of expense from one year to the next. Through our experienced Property, Project and Technical Managers, we can offer a range of service levels, from basic administration only, to full Property and Project Management, including but not limited to:

  • Assessment of the initial costs of providing the required service
  • Liaising with and accounting to our client
  • Provision of the required service
  • Inspections and surveys of our clients interests
  • Collection of service/maintenance and other charges
  • Project management

We recognise and acknowledge that the requirements of our clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated; that there is more awareness of potential legislative pitfalls and constraints; that service receivers are becoming more and more demanding; and that the management function is under constant scrutiny. With this in mind part of our mission is to take the mystique out of property management, leaving clients and service providers alike free to get on with living at their properties free of as many worries as possible.

We are in the Property Management business for the long haul. By continuing to engage with our clients and  service recipients, by managing in accordance with good practice, and by fully discharging our contractural obligations, our aim is to develop and build upon positive long-term relationships. 

Amber Management ... you're safe in our hands