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The primary function of our business is to Property Management. That is maintaining and enhancing the fabric, amenities and services of the developments forming our portfolio, according to client requirements, and in compliance with leasehold and other statutory provisions.

An overview of some of our client/resident facing services would include:

  • Management and administration of Contract Services
  • Instigation and enactment of Development Inspections
  • Provision of Financial Management and Funds Administration
  • Attending to Correspondence and Telephone Calls 
  • Convening and attending informal and formal Meetings
  • Informal advice on Leasehold and Freehold compliance, including Breaches and Covenant issues
  • Informal advice and information relating to Company Law, Contract Law and Housing Acts etc
  • Assistance in the explanation of the terms of leases and transfers
  • Provision of information and assistance in respect of Directors and Company Secretaries liabilities
  • Liaison with maintenance contractors
  • Liaison with Developers were necessary

Given that the majority of more recently constructed residential developments throughout the UK are managed by means of 'resident' controlled Management Companies, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that our clients are appraised of their legal obligations and that all developments under our management are maintained to the highest possible standards.

Where appropriate we can and do advise on all aspects of maintenance contracts and assist clients in choosing the correct level of contract, and contractors, commensurate with the service being provided, ensuring that clients are content in the knowledge that they have been provided with a personal and proactive service.