print button Our promise to you

As a company we are committed to providing our clients with the highest service delivery standards in all areas of our operations.

We aim to provide you with honest, impartial, and accurate advice, communicated in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, and our promise to you is that we will:

  • Provide services in a friendly and courteous manner
  • Treat impartially and equally all service receivers
  • Issue helpful, accurate, unambiguous and concise information
  • Deal with your requests, enquiries and concerns promptly
  • Ensure that we always respect confidentiality

In conjunction with ongoing investment both in internal corporate operations and client facing services, this website is further proof of our commitment. With revised and expanded information on our company and services, and ongoing information and functionality developments for current and prospective clients, owners and residents, we hope you will find the information of interest.

If you feel there is anything we should add to this website we would be pleased to receive suggestions for consideration, in which case you may relay your thoughts to us at

You can be sure you will find all that you may be looking for in property management services with Amber Management. Further information on services, and other property and property management related material, may be found inĀ our FAQ's section.