print button Financial Management

We recognise the financial responsibilities of our clients and therefore as part and parcel of our service we undertake to carry out the following financial support services on their behalf:

  • Preparation of service/maintenance charge budget
  • Provision of sufficient financial information for the client to determine the level of financial provision
  • Provision of information in a timely manner prior to the issue of a service/maintenance budget
  • Requisitioning of, payments by leaseholders/owners
  • Administration of service/maintenance charge receipts
  • Maintenance of service/maintenance charge debtor ledgers
  • Answering of leaseholder/owner financial queries in an educated manner
  • Management of individual Client Company bank accounts
  • Issue of financial reports to clients periodically as may be agreed
  • Pursuit of unpaid service/maintenance charges
  • Instigation of debt collection action where necessary
  • Updating clients regarding progress as necessary
  • Appointment of and assistance to client auditors and/or accountants

As part of our commitment to excellence, and our responsibilities towards our clients and our professional body, all incoming funds are allocated on a daily basis and client accounts are reconciled on a weekly basis.